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European ATM PENS Service Delivery Director Function

OBIZCO refers to ITIL- and PMI- based methods for the structuration and execution of complex functions in ATM PENS is the Pan European Network Services for Air Traffic Management organisations

ATM Operational IT Security Audit for Belgocontrol

OBIZCO refers to ISO 27 K compliant security management framework best practices and ATM technical expertise to build the audit report

Air/Ground SWIM, Military SWIM and SWIM registry concept development

OBIZCO refers to PMI-based methods for the organization and facilitation of projects in relation with the management of innovation, and staffs PMO and engineers skilled in the R&D process SWIM is a System Wide Information Management System for ATM

Airport CDM Concept and Development support

OBIZCO has a long track record with the facilitation of projects in direct relation with all key stakeholders in the ATM ecosystem. The OBIZCO team was tasked to help formalize an airport CDM Manual and the associated training package, and to support in Airport CDM business case development

Advise to Belgian CAA on Performance Based Navigation concepts

OBIZCO has a long track record with technology management, with roadmapping of technologies, and with the computation of technology-related strategies in ATM. OBIZCO delivered a first roadmap of activities.

Development of EUROCONTROL A/G Data Link strategy

OBIZCO has a long track record with roadmapping of technologies, with the computation of technology-related strategies in ATM, and with the representation of ATM agencies or executives in various international boards

Five-years business planning for the EUROCONTROL EATM directorate and ESSIP Planning

OBIZCO has a long track record with the installation of relevant methods combining technology-related strategy planning with the computation of actual operational and economic criteria in ATM.

EMEA ATM Business development (CPDLC, D-ATIS, ADS-C, ADS-B, PENS)

OBIZCO uses Miller Heiman techniques in order to approach each market segment and structure business development

OPERA-iris Service delivery and CBA analysis

This project instantiates the capacity to develop a comprehensive operational, technological and economic investigation for a complex project in relation with ATM. OBIZCO developed the analysis for the elaboration of the Service model, the Operation model and the Business model.

Organization, economic and governance issues with open innovation

This project instantiates the capacity to develop a comprehensive analysis of the organizational aspects in relation with the dynamics of the industry in a turbulent environment, and the corresponding evolution to be expected in a public Agency.

Online communication strategy definition, and operation

This project instantiates the capacity to develop a comprehensive communication strategy in relation with online media, website design, and content management for intranet, extranet, and social media, for the SESAR JU

ATM CNS and Management training – Migration to ATC VOIP , to AMHS, to ITIL based SM, role of GNSS in ATC

This project instantiates the capacity to develop a comprehensive training package in the Aviation technical domains, as we can also develop it in other domains such as economics and Cost-Benefit Analysis.

IBM Advise on EUROCONTROL Centralized services

This project aimed at helping IBM position itself in the EUROCONTROL Centralized Services initiative

ITC Consultancy to Dimension Data and operation

This project help Dimension Data fill in a short-term resource gap

Business Case support for ESA Iris project

OBIZCO developed the business case, the governance model and a possible PPP approach for iris satellite service provision for ATM

ITC Consultancy to Franklin Covey France

This project helped Franklin Covey France outsourced its ICT business so as to focus on its core business

Economical and business casing consultancy to ESG

This project helped ESG to fill in a role as expert in economical studies and business casing