About us

OBIZCO provides consulting activities in aviation communications systems, air traffic management, business strategy and business modelling.

OBIZCO provides experts, engineers and economists on a regular basis in order to develop projects requiring strong skills in data computing, communication technologies for aviation, and engineering of information systems.

OBIZCO provides projects managers for complex programs, or experts / principal investigators able to contribute to highly specialized projects in its business domains.

OBIZCO provides services in the following business domains:

  • Aeronautics (civilian and military)
  • Telecoms for aviation and Air Traffic Management (ATM)
  • Space, Defence and Security (organization, programs, budgets)
  • IT-related industries.

Activities are run from Luxembourg, Brussels, Paris, and Madrid

Our values

  • Reliability: we want our clients to feel they are in safe hands.
  • Confidence: we want our client to trust us.
  • Flexibility: we want our clients to be sure we will adapt to their needs.


Burhan OCAKOGLU created OBIZCO SARL in 2000 in Luxembourg and started its operation providing ATM consultancy services to international clients around Europe.

In 2019 Obizco extended its international presence creating Obizco Belgium and Obizco Spain and opened activity in France and Italy,  provide local ATM services in those countries

Open Bizness Consulting

Open BIZness COnsulting is the main paradigm under which Obizco operates. We have professional expertise in working with some of the most recognized industrial best practices.

OBIZCO SARL elaborates on the rare interaction between engineers and technology specialists, senior managers and executives with a long experience in aviation operations (ATM, service delivery for communications in aviation), and economists specialised in the management of complex programs and in business modelling. Our engineers and economists are used to contributing together on a large series of missions, and more specifically when managerial, governance related, and technology issues are to be computed jointly in technical-economic projects.

Key success factors

  • Strong understanding of ATM from a strategic, operational, business and technological perspective.
  • More than 25 years of experience in European ATM projects with EUROCONTROL, European Commission and many European ANSPs.
  • Highly developed set of senior contacts within the European ATM Industry.
  • Senior Team of highly qualified resources (ATC OPS, ATC Tech, Military, University Professors).
  • Senior Team of highly qualified in-house resources.
  • Links to a network of European independent ATM experts.
  • 25+ year track record as partner or as subcontractor to major institutions and to major industrial players, in charge of key activities for communication technologies and integration in Air Traffic Management.
  • Strong PMI/PRINCE 2 based project management and ITIL based service management track record.